Posted by: kurtsh | January 17, 2018

INFO: Coming soon – “Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server”

imageIf you are a SQL Server customer with Software Assurance, you will soon be able to use your existing SQL Server licenses toward Azure SQL Database Managed Instance and pay only for the underlying compute and storage.

What is SQL Database Managed Instance?
SQL Database Managed Instance is an expansion of the existing SQL Database service, providing a third deployment option alongside single databases and elastic pools. It is designed to provide the strongest compatibility with existing SQL Server applications for database lift-and-shift to a fully managed PaaS, without application changes. SQL Database Managed Instance provides additional compatibility with key features available with the SQL Server programming model and out-of-the-box support for the large majority of SQL Server features, like SQLAgent, Change Data Capture, DBMail and Service Broker, to name a few, and accompanying tools and services.

What is Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server?
Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server helps you maximise the value from your current licence investments and accelerate your migration to the cloud. The Azure-based hybrid benefit enables you to use your SQL Server licences with Software Assurance to pay a reduced rate for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

What products are eligible for Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server?

This hybrid benefit is only available for use with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

When will Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server be available?

Further details about the programme and how you can participate will be coming in Q1 CY2018.


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