Posted by: kurtsh | January 10, 2018

INFO: The story behind Microsoft/LiveID Accounts & Work/Azure AD Accounts

Did you ever wonder what the deal was with using:

  • Microsoft Accounts with your Corporate Email ( tied to a Microsoft/Live ID account used for MSDN)
  • Work Accounts tied to Azure Active Directory ( tied to Azure AD)

Well, there’s a post that Alex Simons did a while back that summarizes what happened & what we’ve been doing about it:

Why am I writing about this now?

Because I believe the Volume Licensing Service Center will be transitioning to use Work Accounts, i.e. Azure Active Directory accounts and I’m not sure that Microsoft Accounts with work email addresses will work after this with all administrative services.  It sounds like MSDN/Visual Studio subscription administration might not work if you stay.


So if you’re still using a Microsoft Account that has a work email address tied to it as it’s unique name, you may want to start using your Work Account.


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