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DOWNLOAD: Microsoft 365 End User Adoption Guide (.PDF, 4.8MB, 62pgs)

imageWe have produced a new Microsoft 365 End User Adoption guide which provide prescriptive guidance on how to establish a framework for adopting your investment in Microsoft 365 & its products & services.

This End User Adoption Guide has been created for organizations interested in the most effective ways to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365. It is meant to be used as a step-by-step guide, where you can ensure that your organization can first identify, and then execute specific tasks that will help your organization embrace this new culture of work.

The best practices in this guide are based on the experiences from our most successful customers who, over the years have adopted the different technologies that are now part of Microsoft 365 – Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Table of Contents

  • Stakeholders
    • Recruit Executive Sponsors
    • Select Your Success Owner
    • Empower Champions
  • Scenarios
    • Identify Scenarios
    • Prioritize Your Scenarios
    • Define Success Criteria
    • Share Success
  • Awareness
    • Build Your Communications Plan
    • Encourage Ongoing Engagement
  • Training
    • Create your Training Plan
    • Access Training Resource
  • Plan, Implement and Manage
    • Plan your Adoption Activities
    • Kickstart Early Adoption Program
    • Create a Success Plan
    • Iterate for Continuing Success
    • Manage and Prepare for Change

If you would like to engage others & hear news about End User Adoption of Microsoft 365 & it’s products & services, go to:

Get the guide here:


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