Posted by: kurtsh | November 6, 2017

INFO: Office 365 Top 10 Lists about Security, Compliance, and Privacy

imageThere’s an amazing page on the Office web site that provides 3 very interesting lists:

  1. Top questions you should ask  when considering the cloud for IT services…
    (and how Office 365 answers these questions)
  2. Top 10 security and privacy features of Office 365
  3. Top 10 compliance areas of Office 365

Here’s a list of the questions it answers – IN PRINT – for your reference:

  1. Who owns the data we store in your service? Will you use our data to build advertising products?
  2. Do you offer privacy controls in your service?
  3. Do we have visibility into where you store our data in the service?
  4. What is your approach to security and which security features do you offer to protect your service from external attacks?
  5. Can we get our data out of your service?
  6. Will you inform us when things change in the service, and will you let us know if our data is compromised?
  7. Are you transparent with the way you use and access our data?
  8. What kind of commitments do you have with respect to security and privacy?
  9. How do you ensure that your service is reliable?
  10. What are your commitments regarding keeping my service up?

Visit the page for the answers:


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