Posted by: kurtsh | July 13, 2017

BETA: Presentation Translator – PowerPoint Add-in

imagePresentation Translator lets you add live subtitles to your presentations in PowerPoint, as you are speaking. You can show subtitles in the same language you are speaking, or in any of the 60+ supported languages. You can also have your audience follow along with the subtitles on their own device, in the language of their choice.

In addition, Presentation Translator lets you translate the text in your presentation to 60+ supported languages. The list of supported presenter languages and subtitle languages can be found at

Get Started with Presentation Translator, a Microsoft Garage project

A note about privacy
Presentation Translator is powered by machine learning and the voice and text information you provide for translation will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. We protect your privacy by taking steps to de-identify your data and keep it secure.

Presentation Translator lets you broadcast subtitles to anyone with a 5 digit access code that is unique to your presentation. You may block this access to your information by using the "Lock conversation" setting.

By continuing to use Microsoft Translator, you agree to our Privacy Statement and Services Agreement.

Terms of Use
Presentation Translator is a free add-in to PowerPoint that lets you add subtitles to your presentations for up to 100 hours per month. Microsoft may discontinue the Presentation Translator free trial at any time.

Read about the add-in on the announcement blog here:

Download the add-in here:


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