Posted by: kurtsh | June 20, 2017

RELEASE: Microsoft Stream – Enterprise Video Service for Office 365

Today, Microsoft Stream became generally available for Office 365 customers.

Introducing the new enterprise video service – Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream helps customers create a more collaborative and productive organization through the power of intelligent enterprise video.

imageMicrosoft Stream integrates across Office 365 applications like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint and more to enable users the ability to seamlessly bring videos and channels right into their apps.  It will be available to enterprise customers, as well as education and kiosk plans. 

Stream has the following goals:

Make it easy to participate

  • Organize your content easily with channels & groups
  • Watch trending videos or save them for later on your watch list
  • Upload, manage, and share videos from your personalized home page
  • Like videos, add comments, and follow your favorite channels
  • Seamlessly share videos in Office 365 applications including Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and OneNote

Add intelligence to every video

  • Face timeline powered by automatic face detection makes navigating a video more interactive
  • Automatic closed captions enhance accessibility getting your video to an even broader audience
  • Auto generated speech to text transcript adds easy discoverability – jump to the moment that matters most
  • Clickable time codes in the comments section, transcript or table of contents take you to the specific point in the video being referenced

Videos for a secure & connected organization

  • Stay close to your content – cloud-based access means you’re always connected
  • Videos are secure & encrypted across any device
  • Video that works where you are – create or watch on any device anywhere
  • Create groups to make access based management easy with Office 365 Groups
  • Manage sharing permissions on videos with Azure Active Directory

Governance designed for your organization

  • Manage licensing for employees and open support tickets with Microsoft
  • Assign admins to manage the experience
  • Restrict who can upload and create channels
  • Moderate and edit content on an owners behalf when needed
  • Set enterprise wide content policies and require employees to optionally accept terms before the upload

Read more on the product site below:


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