Posted by: kurtsh | May 25, 2017

TRAINING: “Dashboard in a Day” – Learning Power BI (Irvine, CA – June 13, 2017)

imageMicrosoft is offering a new training event to help you sharpen your data management experience in a single day.

Dashboard in a Day invites you to gain practical hands-on experience from trained Power BI partners to learn how to transform your data and create more value in your organization. You’ll build data dashboards and learn to connect with your data like never before.

Microsoft is pleased to offer a 1-day workshop covering the capabilities of Power BI to our enterprise accounts. The goal of this informational session is to help you understand how Power BI can help provide insights on an organization’s data and operational processes. At the end of the day, attendees will have a better understanding of the features of Power BI in order to evaluate its ability to meet organizational requirements around data visualization and analysis.

In this session, we will cover Power BI features that help organizations:

  • Unlock insights from a variety of data by mashing up multiple datasets
  • Gain real-time insights of customers and products in new ways
  • Rapidly create insightful and visually appealing dashboards


If you’re interested in participating, please register below:


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