Posted by: kurtsh | May 8, 2017

NEWS: Harman Kardon announces “Invoke” w/ Microsoft Cortana

imageInteresting. First, Microsoft offers the Samsung Galaxy S8 – Microsoft Edition in its retail stores… then it announces the Harman Kardon “Invoke” Intelligent Speaker in partnership with parent company Samsung Electronics.

This voice-activated “intelligent speaker” delivers 360-degree Harman Kardon sound & acts as a personal digital assistant though the use of Microsoft’s Cortana.  Among other things it can:

  • Play music you want by interpreting your verbal instruction
  • Manage your calendar & activities
  • Set reminders verbally and remind you from the speaker, on your phone, from your computer, etc.
  • Check traffic & alert you to delays and the time you should leave for your next appointment
  • Provide the latest news & notify you of breaking news of your choosing
  • Control smart home devices including turning on/off the lights or controlling the temperature

The Invoke is set up using the Cortana app, and can be managed on Windows 10 PC/Mobile, Android, or iPhone.

An interesting feature however, is it’s unique integration with Skype.  It an make phone calls.  With its ability to orchestrate communications, combined with the ability manage smart devices, this should be an interesting combination.

Coming Fall 2017

For more information about the Harman Kardon “Invoke”, read the following announcement posts:


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