Posted by: kurtsh | May 1, 2017

EVENT: “DEVIntersection” – Orlando, FL, May 21-24 (3RD PARTY)


Join us at DEVIntersection to hear from the experts that built ASPdotNET, Azure & Visual Studio, including the following from Microsoft:

  • Scott Guthrie – Exec VP, Cloud & Enterprise
  • Steve Guggenheimer – Corp VP, Developer Experience
  • Scott Hanselman – Principal Program Manager
  • Donovan Brown – Principal Cloud Developer Advocate
  • Jeffrey Snover – Technical Fellow, father of PowerShell

Note: This is not an official Microsoft event, but rather one that is focused, for the most part, on Microsoft technology, and driven by an independent 3rd party that Microsoft provides support to.

In other words, there are no complimentary passes available nor can Premier hours be consumed to pay for registrations, as is the case with Microsoft Ignite.


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