Posted by: kurtsh | April 20, 2017

NEWS: Physical buttons to trigger Flow now available

clip_image001Now you can actually build your own “EASY button”.  Physical buttons are available to trigger Microsoft Flow workflows, featuring:

    Flows can now be triggered directly from physical buttons from companies like Flic by Shortcut Labs, and Bttn by The Button Corporation.

Here’s some use cases from the announcement post:

Need a simple way to order more inventory in a production floor? Push the button. It will create a PO with approval in your CRM.

Need a simple way to call Tech support in a conference room? Push the button. It will dispatch a mail to your support team, or open a support ticket in your system.

Need a simple way to track your consulting work hours for various companies? Push the button. It will log your hours and location in an Excel file or a Google sheet.

Need an effortless way to keep track of product sales at a customer touch point? Push the button. It will update a dedicated Sharepoint list.

For more information on these, visit:


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