Posted by: kurtsh | April 13, 2017

INFO: Official Microsoft Flow Subreddit & new Computer Vision API support for Flow

Yesterday, we made two really cool announcements for users & enthusiasts of Microsoft Flow, our orchestration & productivity workflow solution:

  • The announcement of an official Microsoft Flow Subreddit discussion forum
  • The availability of Computer Vision API to Flow, from Microsoft Cognitive Services

Flow now has its own SubReddit page, supported by the Flow product group… and there’s already a LOT of activity.

We (The Product group) would love for you to come join the official subreddit and community, to better learn to use the tool and ultimately save yourself a shitload of time in your workday by automating repetitive tasks in a no-code/low-code environment!

Wondering what is Microsoft Flow? Here’s our overview video:

Come join us in the subreddit today!

They just announced a series of Product Updates for Flow as well, including support for our *Computer Vision API*, part of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

The Computer Vision API will enable Flow writers to initiate flows based on what a camera can see & recognize. Mount cameras in building & create Microsoft Flows such as: Whenever Kurt Shintaku appears to be coming into the building, send a Skype for Business notification to Corporate Security, warning them of an intruder. Smile


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