Posted by: kurtsh | April 7, 2017

INFO: Windows 10 Creators Update/Redstone 2 At-A-Glance


The Windows 10 Creators Update is scheduled to begin rolling out to customers on April 11th.

This update was codenamed ‘Redstone 2’ (RS2) and was first announced at the Windows Rio event in October.  As with all updates, this one provides users with new features and security measures at no additional cost. 

We’ve provided a few highlights below around the key new features and how you will get the Creators Update.  For more information visit the official blog post here.

Key new features

  • 3D in Windows 10. Now anyone can experience, and create in, a new dimension. 
  • Windows Mixed Reality.  An immersive blend of digital content and your virtual surroundings.
  • PC gaming.  Better than ever with 4K games, Game Mode, and built-in game broadcasting. 
  • New Security features including a dashboard display and device health advisor.
  • Microsoft Edge now has Netflix in 4K, new tab tools, and security that beats other browsers.
  • New Windows Hello capability for locking your PC with your phone when you step away.
  • Other great stuff.  Like blue light reduction and mini view functions. 

How do customers get it?

  • Insiders: Windows Insiders will begin experiencing these RS2 features as part of builds that will flight between late 2016 and the first months of 2017. 
  • Windows 10 Customers. They will receive the Creators Update via the normal WU update process.
        • Push: Automatic update via Windows Update
        • Pull:  Manual update via Windows Update settings
  • New Devices. The Creators Update will come loaded on new devices starting at Back to School 2017, with majority of new devices having the update at Holiday 2017. 


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