Posted by: kurtsh | March 12, 2017

NEWS: Steelcase and Microsoft partner to develop tech-enabled ‘creative workspaces’

imageEarlier this month, Microsoft & Steelcase announced a partnership for the “development of Technology-Enabled Spaces designed to boost creative work”.


“Microsoft and Steelcase believe that the future of work is creative. In order to drive growth, agility and innovation in the future, we must embrace the need for transformative ideas and harness creative potential at work.
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Steelcase & Microsoft Surface believe the future of work is creative


A high-level summary:

  1. We will establish a broad focus on integrating the best of the Microsoft Surface family with Steelcase’s products and office space solutions.
  2. Specifically, we jointly announced five “creative spaces”, described as ‘an immersive ecosystem that brings together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.’
  3. Creative Spaces are available to visit at Steelcase WorkLife Centers – currently open in NYC and Grand Rapids, MI – with additional locations coming later this year
  4. Select Steelcase dealers are now able to resell Surface Hubs
  5. Finally, much more is in the works include technology-enabled workplace solutions, leveraging Azure IoT

Here are a few key links if you want to learn more:


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