Posted by: kurtsh | March 6, 2017

BETA: “Team Flows”–Creating & maintaining Flow orchestrations by multiple people

Flow now makes it easier for power users to create Flows that can be used and maintained by others within their organization, amplifying the impact of their automation efforts.

Taken from the announcement post:

Today we are announcing the preview of Team flows. Team flows make it possible for multiple people to own and manage a flow together, and, if someone leaves an organization, the flows they created can continue to run. This is a much-awaited feature that is one of the most voted-on ideas on our ideas forum.

Users can now collectively author and maintain a flow. The following features are supported today for all owners of Team flows:

  • Read, update or delete flow
  • View history and debug flow
  • Add or remove other owners
  • Add or remove connections that the flow has access to

Team flows will show up under the new “Team flows” tab in the Flow portal:

For more on how to manage your own Team Flows now, read the announcement post here:


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