Posted by: kurtsh | February 23, 2017

INFO: List of products/services in Microsoft 365 Suite (E3/E5)


UPDATE 10/31/17:
We’ve recently renamed/rebranded the Secure Productive Enterprise suite to “Microsoft 365” (E3/E5) which is now reflected in this post as well as my spreadsheet.

[This is a follow up from an older, previous post which now has outdated information]

To help my customers understand just what is included in the Microsoft 365 E3/E5 suite(s), I’ve created a living spreadsheet that I occasionally use with my customers with collapsible rows for each suite component.

Every product or service is hyperlinked, so if you don’t know what it is, a simple click will lead you to it’s product page.  Every “X” I have showing what suite the product belongs to (on the right) will direct you to the page showing where the product is listed as licensed through that suite.

I’ve been told it’s very useful as a reference.  Hopefully it’ll be useful for you too.

(WARNING: It’s called “living” because I change this spreadsheet monthly and I may not have the most recent stuff posted here. At the time of this edit, I’m making DRAFT .10 available for download here.)

There’s also a licensing document from Microsoft Volume Licensing that may be useful to you.


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