Posted by: kurtsh | January 24, 2017

DOWNLOAD: Surface Tools for IT

imageI was recently directed to set of tools for Surface that I’d not seen before.  Looks like we just published them today.

This download location stores all the right tools you need as a IT Professional when you want to deploy, manage and secure a Surface device in your organization.

  • Surface_Data_Eraser_Installer_v3.1.9.msi
  • Surface_Deployment_Accelerator_v_1.96.0405.msi
  • SurfaceDockUpdaterSetup.msi
  • SurfaceUEFI_Configurator_v1.0.25.0.msi
  • SurfaceUefiManagerSetup.msi
  • SurfaceWOL.msi

Grab the tools here:


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