Posted by: kurtsh | January 5, 2017

NEWS: Windows Defender Application Guard

One of the largest attack vectors for malware writers is the browser.  90 percent of phishing emails, for example. use the browser to initiate attacks, which can then be used to help attackers establish a beachhead inside a company

To address this, we are announcing Windows Defender Application Guard: A new feature coming to Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Enterprise (E3 or E5).

Coming in H1CY17, Windows Defender Application Guard essentially quarantines the browser. It will run unknown web sites within a virtualized container generated by Windows 10 Hyper-V, isolating it from the system & protecting the user.

In this way, any potential malware that the user stumbles upon is sandboxed & never gets access to anything real on the user’s system.  No real OS, applications, code, or hardware APIs are ever available to the malware.

Here’s a video on how this works.

Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge

For more information on this upcoming feature for Windows 10 Enterprise subscribers, visit:


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