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RELEASE: Microsoft Flow now available – including “Flow for Office 365”

imageI’m a little late on this but in case you missed it, Microsoft Flow is released & “generally available”

Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service that makes it simple to automate common tasks and business processes across your applications and services, such as Office 365, Slack, Dropbox,, Dynamics 365 and many more.

What differentiates Microsoft Flow from other cloud-based automation services like IFTTT, are a few characteristics that are hallmarks of Microsoft’s cloud:

    Microsoft Flow is the end user automation & productivity solution for Office 365 & Dynamics 365.  

    Every SharePoint Online user in the world can now use Microsoft Flow to take action directly from the context of their SharePoint Lists. In the coming months, we will be adding the ability to run any flow on-demand for a specific document or list item.

    We are adding new services every week. Just this month we’ve added a dozen third-party services, including, Campfire, Cognitive Services Text Analytics, Instapaper and Pinterest. Microsoft Flow can also work with on-premises data in SharePoint Server or SQL Server.

    Flow comes with the Microsoft Flow Admin Center to provide control over the Microsoft Flow environments inside of their organization.

    Data-loss prevention policies control the flow of data and the use of services within the Enterprise.  Administrators of Premium Plan 2 subscriptions will also be able to see the services used by Microsoft Flow overall.

    Environments will enable IT to store flows by geography or team for Premium users. (Plan 2) When you create an environment, you can pick its geographic location. Today, we offer the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, India, and Japan as regions, with more coming soon.

    Premium services access (like Salesforce & Common Data Store) for Flow is also available to subscribers of Premium Plan 1 or 2.

    Get notifications on your desktop, iOS or Android devices, via native apps for each OS platform.

    Create flows directly on your mobile device, easily & intuitively for end users.  Access the template gallery to get started and navigate through available services via keyword or category. 

    Watch this short video to get to know our mobile app. 

    Create flow buttons for mobile device users to quickly trigger any action at anytime and anywhere.

Microsoft Flow is now available in both free and paid service plans. Using premium services like Salesforce and the Common Data Service is exclusive to Microsoft Flow Plans 1 and 2, and each plan has a different limit on the number and frequency of runs.

    If you are an Office 365 or Dynamics 365 customer, a Microsoft Flow plan called “Flow for Office 365” is included at NO CHARGE with your license. Learn more about pricing here.
    It has the following additional benefits over the “free” service:
        • 2000 runs/user/month (1200 more)
        • 5 min Flow frequency (vs 15 minutes)
        • 99.9% Service Level Agreement (No SLA for free)
        • Connectivity to Dropbox, Twitter & Excel
        • Access to on-premises data using on-premises data gateway
        • Collaboration with co-workers on flows (coming soon)

For more information on Microsoft Flow, visit the following sites:


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