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INFO: When to use Microsoft Teams (versus other Office 365 collaboration tools)

imageMicrosoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that is a hub for teamwork and is customizable for the information your team needs. Microsoft Teams is flexible for chats, calls, meetings and sharing files. It is also secure and compliant to ensure privacy for your team’s most sensitive collaboration.

We know that collaboration scenarios are as diverse as the talented people that come together. What you’re doing and your preference for work style dictates the tools you use. There’s no single tool or application that can single handedly solve for all of the collaboration needs inside our organization. That’s why we’ve built Office 365 to deliver a complete group collaboration solution that meets the needs of diverse teams. Based on our experience we do have some suggestions to help guide you to the best tool for your work style and scenario.

Microsoft Teams is best suited for highly engaged teams by providing a chat-based workspace in Office 365 with Office files, notes, and meetings integrated in one place.

In case you need some help getting to know the tools available:

Office 365 Use it when… Ways to get started…
Microsoft Teams You want a defined group of people to work together frequently on a specific project
  • ​Create a group with sales and technical team members who work together with a Teams channel for each customer
  • Start a Team for monthly business review planning and preparation and use a channel for every month’s meeting
  • Start a Team for Marketing and create channels for Go To Market, Demo, Research, Partners
Yammer​ You want to connect across the company on a topic of shared interest
  • Join the community discussion on internal topics such as projects and competitors to get insights from sales and marketing
  • Join the CEO’s discussion group for cross company dialogue on important issues
  • Country Managers’ can use Yammer for cross company dialogue for their country
Outlook​ You know how to use your personal email. For communicating with a group, use the group inbox for more formal, episodic communications to a specific audience
  • ​Migrate Distribution Lists to a group inbox for richer collaboration experience
  • Share Newsletters that include rich formatting, content and links in the group inbox
  • Send your group Rights-protected content that is High Business Impact to the group inbox
SharePoint​ You need to share and discover content across the organizat​ion
  • Create a company wide website, or Enterprise portal, such as where employees can learn and get company resources
  • Create an internal website, for field and customer presentations and training
  • Use a team site to store and collaborate on documents and manage projects
Skype for Business​ You need to call, meet and IM with people inside and outside the company
  • ​Hold online meetings with your teams
  • Use Skype for calls with internal or external people
  • Start an IM for quick, ephemeral exchanges


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