Posted by: kurtsh | October 27, 2016

NEWS: Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

Redefining the concept of the desktop, the Surface Studio bring brand new innovation to the toolset of creative artists & designers.

  • Designed for pen & touch input with the productivity of a seemingly endless screen with more real estate than any other computer, Surface Studio unlocks limitless creativity.
  • Change aspects of the pen like  color while your drawing without ever picking up the tip:  That’s not just as good as real life… it’s BETTER.
  • Architects can now collaborate & share designs while working at the same angle of a drafting table creating greater immersion & improving productivity.
  • For the first time, users have a canvas & tools that allow them to easily draw and design with 3D in mind.

Introducing the Surface Studio.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio

And how is Surface Studio being used by partners today?  Check out this video demonstrating use by artists, designers, architects, and other creatives.

Microsoft Surface Studio | App Partners

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