Posted by: kurtsh | October 20, 2016

INFO: Using the Microsoft “eLearning” Software Assurance Benefit

imageEver curious about how to use the eLearning Software Assurance benefit?

It turns out that there is a team that specializes in the Microsoft Online Learning program. They provide assistance to customers on how to access online learning courses and how to manage the portal. They also offer technical assistance in terms of issues with the online content in the site.

Since Online Learning is given as a benefit through Software Assurance, users would need to complete the first time enrollment using the Access Codes for eLearning which are obtained in the Volume Licensing Center site.

Note that the Online Learning team does not have direct visibility over customer’s agreement, so they are not be able to identify who manages an organization’s agreement.  Please contact your account team for that information.

Once these codes have been distributed to the users, they can sign up to Online Learning via the link below:

In case that the customer needs assistance regarding the Online Learning site, they may reach out to our team

Microsoft Online Learning
Phone: (800) 690-6555
Email: MLXSUPP at microsoft com
Hours: M-F 6:30am- 5:30pm Pacific Time

The first two attachments would guide first-time Administrators and Learners to complete their registration.

This is the Administrator Guide.


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