Posted by: kurtsh | June 23, 2016

DOWNLOAD: Free MS Press ebook: “Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development”

imageWe’re pleased to announce a new free ebook: Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development (ISBN 9781509304134), by Cesar de la Torre and Simon Calvert.

Understanding and creating a mobile app development strategy is an important process for today’s development decision-makers who aim to open up new business opportunities or to empower employees to be more productive with new capabilities.

Microsoft defines an end-to-end (E2E) platform for the agile creation of mobile apps that can target any platform (iOS, Android, or Windows), provides easy consumption of services in the cloud or on-premises, spans the requirements for consumer or employee scenarios, offers development teams DevOps tools to improve quality and to achieve faster time to market, and allows for integration with existing enterprise systems.

This book outlines the E2E platform from Microsoft that forms the critical capabilities for organizations selecting technologies and tools for a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) and Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD). It also describes the core decision factors that organizations should consider, and it outlines the technical capabilities available within Microsoft solutions and products.

Download the eBooks here:

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