Posted by: kurtsh | May 24, 2016

NEWS: Amgen Tour of California “Microsoft Band blog”

Amgen’s Tour of California, a cycling tour, is using Microsoft Band 2 on 10 of their riders and tracking each rider’s measurables for analysis, with the goal of ultimately having a better understanding what it takes health-wise to complete an event like the Amgen Tour.


Welcome to our new Microsoft Band blog! Each day we will analyze rider data recorded from the previous day’s stage. We provided wearable wrist units to 10 of the 144 riders in the race to track metrics such as speed/distance (via GPS), heart rate, calories, UV exposure, and sleep patterns. During the course of the week we hope to provide insight on physical requirements it takes to complete a challenging 8-day stage race such as the 782-mile Amgen Tour of California.”


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