Posted by: kurtsh | May 19, 2016

NEWS: SharePoint site integration with Office Groups… finally!

I’ll admit that one of the things I’ve been eagerly anticipating is the fusion between SharePoint sites & Office Groups.

  • SharePoint provides something that every team absolutely needs:  Shared file storage.  It also provides context around those files and the ability to sync those files locally to your PC.
  • Office Groups on the other hand, provide threaded messages with integration with Exchange for richer collaboration amomgst team members, something that SharePoint lacks.

But between the two, if faced with choosing just one, I choose SharePoint & Document folders every time.  People need to share documents: For me, communications can always be handled by email and distribution lists.

Now, as you can see in the video below, Office Groups is being integrated into SharePoint sites to provide both document sharing as well as threaded messaging that is present and archived in the site as well as delivered via Exchange.

All on one site.

The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet: SharePoint sites and PowerApps

This video shows a lot more than just Office Groups. SharePoint Mobile clients, PowerApps, and other features are reviewed so check it out.

For a write up about these features, check out the SharePoint blog post here:


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