Posted by: kurtsh | May 15, 2016

OFFER: Automatic Upgrade in Support Level for EA customers pre-committing to Azure (starting May 1, 2016)

imageStarting May 1, 2016 (ending June 30th, 2017), any customers – either new or existing – that pre-purchase Azure credit on their Enterprise Agreements will get an Azure Support plan upgrade for 12 months at no cost.

The upgrade works as follows:

  • For customers NOT purchasing an Azure Support plan: They will automatically receive a “Azure Standard” support for 12 months.
  • For customers already purchasing an “Azure Standard” support plan: They will receive an automatic upgrade to the next tier of support ,”Azure Professional Direct” Support for the term of their plan.
  • For customers purchasing $100k in Azure credit OR consume $10k in Azure/month: They will automatically receive “Azure Professional Direct” support for 12 months.
  • For customers already purchasing an “Azure Professional Direct” support plan: They will receive a credit for 6 Application Consulting sessions at no cost.

Azure Standard support offers unlimited technical assistance for subscription management and break-fix issues.

Azure Professional Direct support offers faster initial response and escalation management for high priority issues, proactive monitoring of business critical support issues and account management.

Here’s a chart describing the Support plans available today for Azure:


For more detail around the offer & the tiers of service available visit the following blog sites:


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