Posted by: kurtsh | May 15, 2016

BETA: Microsoft GigJam, Adhoc Cross-platform, Cross-organization Sharing & Editing

We’re opening up a public preview to a new product for both Windows & Macintosh we announced back in October called “GigJam”.

GigJam helps you spontaneously and momentarily involve others in your work. You just summon all the live information you need, divvy it up by circling what you want to share and crossing out what you don’t and control what others can see or even co-work with you in real time. Now you can finally involve others inside and outside your organization to help you get work done in the moment.

Here are just a few examples of how GigJam lets you change the way you work:

Getting instant help and closure on a customer email

Getting spot feedback on work-in-progress
Safely getting a partner’s input


To enroll in the beta program, visit the web site below:

For more on announcements around GigJam, visit the blog:


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