Posted by: kurtsh | April 30, 2016

NEWS: Microsoft’s support for the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

imageRecently we wrote this post about our support for BOTH the Democratic & Republican conventions.

We were very clear about goal of providing bipartisan support to both party’s conventions.  In the post, we stressed: (reformatted for clarity)

First, we act in a bipartisan manner and provide similar levels of support to both conventions. 

Second, we make a special effort, as do many companies in our industry, to provide the conventions with technology tools to help enable this part of the American democratic process to operate efficiently and accurately.

And third, we do not endorse either political party or its nominee.

We also explicitly outlined what we’ve committed to each party:

Based on our conversations with the Republican National Convention’s host committee and committee on arrangements, we decided last fall to provide a variety of Microsoft technology products and services instead of making a cash donation

For the Democratic National Convention, we’re providing access to similar Microsoft technology as well as some sponsorship of host committee activities.

The Microsoft technology for both conventions includes Office 365, Azure, Surface and other products.

For more on our support, visit our On The Issues blog post below:


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