Posted by: kurtsh | April 28, 2016

DOWNLOAD: Free MS Press ebook: “Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials: Top 10 Tools”

imageThis 165 page book is one of the coolest downloads you’re gonna make a in a while.  Why?  Check out some of the chapter heading:

  • Chapter 7: Sysinternals Suite (pg 93)
  • Chapter 8: Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (pg 109)
  • Chapter 10: Hyper-V (pg 131)
  • Chapter 11: Microsoft Azure (pg 145)

Where else are you gonna get a primer on some of these topics?  And it’s FREE!

[description taken from the Microsoft Press blog]

Dive in to Windows 10 with award-winning journalist and Windows Expert Ed Bott in this highly curated free eBook covering the top apps, accessories, and utilities included in the box with Windows 10.

The sheer volume of Windows programs and accessories says a lot about the power and complexity of Windows—a fact that every IT pro knows from firsthand experience. There’s a tool for nearly every task, and a large part of the process of becoming a Windows expert is knowing how to find the appropriate one when you need it.

This eBook contains descriptions and hands-on advice to help IT Pros work faster and smarter. Some of these tools are for everybody—end users and experts alike—whereas some are strictly for professionals. A few are so specialized that you’ll only need them once in a blue moon. Collectively, though, they make up a toolbox that can save you (and your company) time and money.


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