Posted by: kurtsh | February 17, 2016

NEWS: US Department of Defense Commits to Upgrade 4 Million Seats to Windows 10 by January 2017

imageIt was announced today that the Department of Defense will be broadly standardizing on Windows 10 and migrating 4 million PCs by January 2017.

This will be the largest Windows 10 deployment to dates & follows a public memo issued by DoD CIO Terry Halvorsen and a verbal directive from the US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, this month.

Windows 10 & Surface, additionally, have been certified as meeting the specific government criteria, strict security standards, and interoperability requirements set by the Department of Defense.

You can read more about the Department of Defense’s announcement here:

The prior memo from DoD CIO Terry Halvorsen is located below:

  • CIO Memo – Migration to Microsoft Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline
    The Office of the Chief Information Officer of the DoD released a memo on 20 November as notification that in order to improve our Cybersecurity posture, lower the cost of IT, and streamline the IT operating environment, the Department will transition to Microsoft Windows 10. The DoD will direct Combatant Commands, Services, Agencies and Field Activities (CC/S/As) to rapidly deploy the Windows IO operating system throughout their respective organizations starting in January 2016, and the Department’s objective is to complete the deployment by January 2017. You can read the entire memo below. (.PDF)


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