Posted by: kurtsh | February 1, 2016

VIDEO: Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365 (an add-on service for Exchange)

UPDATE 2/1/16:
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a subscription service that works for both Exchange Online as well as Exchange Server On-Prem or hybrid.  I was recently notified by Chandler Bootchk, our regional Office 365 Technology Specialist, that ATP is actually a very useful service for organizations that are entirely on-prem, as well as those in our cloud at any degree.  Thanks Chan.

Back in April 2015, we announced the availability of Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365, a per-user add-on service for Exchange.

Here’s a video that talks about that technology and what it delivers for customers that are seeking a higher level of protection for those that might receive malware or dangerous hyperlinks in their inboxes. (And have the propensity to <ahem> click on them)

It is subscribed to per-user, and doesn’t require that your whole organization be subscribed.  It’s usually intended for executives of individual that are traditionally a high value target for malware writers & hackers.

(For the technical folks, this is similar to Proofpoint – except engineered as an additional service available for Exchange mail organizations.)

Stay Secure with Advanced Threat Protection in Office 365


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