Posted by: kurtsh | January 29, 2016

INFO: “In the Cloud” – Blog/Podcast for Client/Mobile Technology IT Professionals


Are you a client/mobile technology IT professional with an interest in enterprise management, deployment & mobility? 

You may wanna start following Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Client & Mobility, Brad Anderson.

What Brad’s been doing is producing blog posts infrequently, however also releasing audio podcasts that explain the post.  Here’s the last 3 posts/podcast tandems.

Navigating the Windows 10 Servicing Options

Best Practices for Deploying Windows 10

Best Practices for Managing Windows 10 with EMS & ConfigMgr
In this podcast, Brad speaks with Mark Florida (Principal Program Manager of ConfigMgr) about best practices for successfully managing Windows 10 with the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and ConfigMgr.


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