Posted by: kurtsh | December 27, 2015

NEWS: Michael Dell on the “death of the PC”

imageEvery year, you hear the same tired reporting that “the PC is dying” going all the way back to Steve Jobs declaration of 2010 being the beginning of the “post-PC era”.  In fact, the illustrious Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, made the comment “Why would you buy a PC anymore?” in a reference to the iPad Pro, which despite taking a page from Microsoft’s own Surface playbook, by any measurement hasn’t exactly lit the shelves on fire.

In any case, on the topic of the “PC dying”, Michael Dell disagrees.  And frankly, he has data to back it up:

“The post-PC era has been great for the PC. When the post-PC era started there were about 180m PCs being sold a year and now it’s up to over 300m, so I like the post-PC era,” he said.

“For the last 11 quarters in a row, we’ve been gaining share in PCs. Last year we outgrew HP and Lenovo. It’s a business with an installed base of 1.8bn PCs, 600m of them are more than four years old, and as we create new beautiful, thin, powerful PCs that are better than the thing you bought five years ago, people will replace the old ones. And we are getting more and more share of that opportunity each quarter that goes by.”

Read more from his interview below:


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