Posted by: kurtsh | December 27, 2015

INFO: Office 365 Adoption Resources & Excitement SWAG Store

imageThere’s the great site called “Fast Track Resources” that lists out basically everything that someone would want to have in order to successfully get Office 365 adopted in their organization.  For example:

  • Define a vision and identify business scenarios
    Executive Sponsorship Template (3mb)
    Getting to know Office 365 (1.5mb)
    Identify Key Stakeholders (2.5mb)
    Identify Scenarios Template (2.3kb)
    Define Vision Template (2.1mb)
    Customer Case Studies 
  • Prioritize solutions and create an adoption plan
    Adoption Plan Guide (7kb)
    Champions Program Guide (2.2mb)
    Define and Prioritize Solutions Template (2.1mb)
    Project Template (53kb)
    Sample Adoption Plan (1mb)
    Adoption Planning Tool 
  • Commit resources and execute an adoption plan
    Office 365 Learning Center BoM (228kb)
    Troubleshooting Guide (42kb)
    Teasing Videos (48.9mb)
    Communication Guide (296kb)
    Order your SWAGs 
    Office 365 Learning Center 
    Office Videos YouTube Channel 
  • Measure, share success, and iterate
    Measuring Success Guide (2.2mb)
    Sample User Satisfaction Surveys (147kb)
    Office Blogs 
    Office 365 Roadmap 

The site’s located here:

imageOne of the references on this site is “Order your SWAG”.  This is a pointer to the Marketing Merchandise Store for Office 365. 

If you’re looking to purchase stuff like pens, notepads, mugs, t-shirts, posters, and all that jazz that are Office 365 branded, (aka SWAG) this is the place to purchase them from.


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