Posted by: kurtsh | November 15, 2015

INFO: Accessories for the Surface Book SD flash card slot

For folks with new Surface Books, some have discovered that the SD card slot doesn’t completely envelop the card itself, meaning that regular SD cards will “stick out” of the Surface Book from the side.  This has caused some to seek accessories that fit the shortened profile of the slot.

SOLUTION:  Custom fit SD cards & adapters
Thanks to MacBooks – especially the 2010-2014 MacBook Air 13” models – a few 3rd parties have stepped up previously to produce SD cards & adapters that are designed to fit into “shortened slots” like that within the Surface Book.

Here’s a few:

  • imageBASEQI aluminum microSD Adapter
    This is a shortened adapter that fits into the Surface Book’s SD flash card slot nearly completely that specifically accepts ‘microSD’ flash cards.  Perfect for the individual that’s already made investments in 256GB microSD flash cards and wants to reuse them in their Surface Book.
    Made of aluminum, the adapter is sturdy & sticks out just a little bit – enough for your fingernail to pull the adapter out of your Surface Book.
    • imageTranscend 256GB JetDrive Lite 130 Storage Expansion Card
      This is a high capacity, high performance expansion card, and the 130 series is designed to fit the profile of a shortened .9” SD card slot in a Surface Book.  There are also other storage sizes from 64GB to 128GB to fit other people’s budgets.
      The benefit of these full sized SD cards is the performance:  Max Read: 95MB/s, Max Write: 60MB/s.  This is of course quite a bit above that of the fastest microSD cards.


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