Posted by: kurtsh | November 10, 2015

HOWTO: Detach a stuck or undetachable Surface Book screen from the keyboard/base

imageSometimes when you disconnect the screen on a Surface Book & reattach it in its reverse/tablet position to the keyboard base, the Surface Book will still not recognize that the screen is attached – and thus the ‘detach’ buttons won’t work. 

At that point there is seemingly no way to detach the now-reversed screen from the keyboard base.

Hold down POWER + VOLUME UP for 22 seconds.  This is usually the Boot-to-BIOS procedure, however if you keep holding the buttons down, the BIOS will appear and then shut off and reappear.

This procedure resets the hardware’s recognition of the keyboard’s state. The detach button & on-screen detach should work fine now.


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