Posted by: kurtsh | October 1, 2015

HOWTO: Look up what classes are available to spend Software Assurance Training Vouchers on

If you are looking to leverage your Software Assurance Training Vouchers, and want to know what sort of training is available – eLearning, classroom, French, English, etc – go to the following reporting site: 

From here, you can generate a report that shows:

  • Different languages the training is offered in
  • What training is available in eLearning format
  • What training is downloadable as SCORM compliant modules
  • What training is offered in a classroom by an instructor from a Certified Training & Education Center
  • Sort by target audience: End user, IT Pro, & Developer
  • Identify which course are eligible for purchase through SA training vouchers versus not-available to SA training vouchers
  • A specific product(s) that you need training in

See the report below.  Notice the Windows 10, Skype for Business, and other courses “coming in Q4 2015”.



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