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OFF TOPIC: Please help me defeat Chandler at the 2015 Peace Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament

imageMay I solicit your help within the next 48 hours?

I would normally never do this on my blog however my dastardly & diabolical friend, Chandler, Microsoft Los Angeles’ reigning “Goliath of Poker”, has entered Adrian Paul’s 2015 Peace Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament sponsored by Microsoft (see here, here, and here) with the goal of busting Bai Ling, Bruce Buffer (UFC), Tara Reid, Lou Diamond Phillips and Carl ‘Apollo Creed’ Weathers… laying waste to the field of competitors.

He must be stopped.

So this Saturday, I’ve entered my name into the tournament with the expressed goal of defeating him.  Like the ancient & legendary evil that he is, my pal Chandler looks to destroy all that challenge him with his years of poker room-sharpened, dragon-style poker-fu & his unnatural dark magicks with playing cards.  (I wouldn’t put a bit of rule-smudging past him either.  He is after all a USC Trojan alum.  I am, for the record, a UCLA alum.  Go Bruins.)

Let me be clear:  I am not a professional poker player.  I’ve done okay at company tournaments but nothing to write home about.  Meanwhile, he has played in some of the larger poker rooms in Las Vegas.  I do not have his experience.  Sure I’ve gone through Phil Hellmuth’s book enough that I know the Top 10 hands and the Majority Hands by heart.  And I’ve read one of Doyle Brunson’s books enough know the variables of play & the general odds calculations.  It ain’t gonna be enough. 

There is however only one externality that is out of Chandler’s control.  My in-tournament bankroll.

A strong bankroll will obviously help me bully my way to his table to ultimately drop the Halo Gravity HammerTM on him.

So please  consider making a small donation RIGHT NOW to my roll (the event is this Saturday, Sept 26th) & support my effort to defeat my good friend Chandler at this year’s Peace Fund Celebrity Poker Tournament 2015, taking place this weekend. 

(All kidding aside, the proceeds go to support children’s aid efforts around the world – a cause I believe in.  Read more here.)

Side note:  If you too worship at the unholy altar of Tommy Trojan, feel free to contribute to Chandler’s bucket of dread & foreboding.


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