Posted by: kurtsh | September 7, 2015

BETA: Windows Server 2016 Containers Preview

imageI’m a little late posting this but I’ve been out of office for a while.  In case you hadn’t heard already, we’ve launched the beta preview of our Docker Engine-compliant Containers technology. 

Executed in partnership with Docker Inc. itself, this preview release includes:

  • Windows Server Containers
  • Formal Support for Windows in Docker
  • Docker Engine for Windows
  • Visual Studio Tools for Docker

To be clear, this means:

  1. Microsoft is fully supporting Docker Containers for application deployment & management across Windows Servers.  This means we are working with Docker Inc. to ensure Containers on Windows Servers are manageable & can be targeted by Docker Engines wherever they are running within the Enterprise.
  2. Microsoft Support & Development Tools will support Windows applications deployed to Docker Container technology & the Docker Engine running on Windows Server.
  3. The Docker Engine will be implemented on Windows Server, allowing Microsoft customers to manage their Docker Container infrastructure while leveraging their existing Microsoft licensing & support contracts.

(Note: A common misconception is that Containers are platform interoperable – this is not true.  Windows Application Services will not work in Docker Containers running on Linux Servers – and Linux applications running in Docker Containers will not run on Windows Servers.  The Containers & the applications themselves have hooks to the underlying operating system and are not abstracted from the OS.)

Here’s the first part of the announcement:

At DockerCon this year, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, demonstrated the first ever application built using code running in both a Windows Server Container and a Linux container connected together. This demo helped demonstrate Microsoft’s vision that in partnership with Docker, we can help bring the Windows and Linux ecosystems together by enabling developers to build container-based distributed applications using the tools and platforms of their choice.

Today we are excited to release the first preview of Windows Server Containers as part of our Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 release. We’re also announcing great updates from our close collaboration with Docker, including enabling support for the Windows platform in the Docker Engine and a preview of the Docker Engine for Windows. Our Visual Studio Tools for Docker, which we previewed earlier this year, have also been updated to support Windows Server Containers, providing you a seamless end-to-end experience straight from Visual Studio to develop and deploy code to both Windows Server and Linux containers. Last but not least, we’ve made it easy to get started with Windows Server Containers in Azure via a dedicated virtual machine image.

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