Posted by: kurtsh | August 4, 2015

RELEASE: Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

imageFor those working on Office 365, this is likely pretty important. 

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 is the successor to Forefront Identity Manager 2012 R2.  It provides a variety of functions related to identity & access management and is an on-premises implementation.

  • Synchronize identities between directories, databases and applications
  • Self-service password, group and certificate management
  • Increase admin security with policies, privileged access and roles (RBAC)

It’s designed to work out of the box with Microsoft’s cloud including:

  1. Azure Active Directory and enabling synchronization between on-premises AD
  2. Password reset through Azure Multi-factor Authentication
  3. Dynamics grouping based on roles including serial or parallel

For more information, go to the following:


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