Posted by: kurtsh | July 6, 2015

INFO: Xbox Wire Factsheets & Assets from E3 2015

imageIf you attended E3 (or saw the broadcast) and was wondering… “Hey, where can I get more detailed info on those games?”

It turns out we have it all at a place called the Xbox Wire Media Assets library.  And it’s a treasure chest of great stuff.  Videos, factsheets, photos, screenshots, logos, etc.  (Great for blogging!)

image(Weird that they don’t make this stuff more readily available… especially considering us geeky types that are into gaming are all OCD about our hobbies.  I once created a indexed Excel spreadsheet that laid out all the optional weaponry for my character class & populated it with the statistical buff characteristics of each pience, for an MMORPG I was playing simply to identify & plan for the imagemost optimal configuration for each NPC encounter… and the sick thing is, there are bunch of people reading this right now thinking, “Feh. Such an amateur. I do that for every MOD release, dude.  Go back to the kiddie table.”)

Anyway, here’s the stuff they distribute to the media:

imageFor example, here’s the “Fact Sheet” for Halo 5: Guardians:



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