Posted by: kurtsh | June 26, 2015

HOWTO: Get to Windows 10 for customers using Windows Enterprise Edition

imageThe question was asked recently:

What do we do to get to Windows 10 if we’re using Windows 7 Enterprise Edition?

I got the following information from Microsoft Devices Solution Specialist, Nathan Mercer:

Active Software Assurance customers have rights to Windows 10 Enterprise through new version rights. 

Customers on Enterprise Edition without active SA have three options:

  • Revert to underlying Windows Pro Edition, and take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.  This requires installing original OEM Pro media, or using the Volume Licensing “Pro” image if they have the rights and access.
  • Purchase Windows Upgrade & Software Assurance through Volume Licensing to access Windows 10 Enterprise Edition w/ full rights
  • Purchase a Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade w/o SA for rights to the Windows 10 Enterprise Long Term Servicing Branch

Additional information including upgrade editions is available on the Windows 10 Specification page:


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