Posted by: kurtsh | April 30, 2015

INFO: Microsoft Intune Jumpstart FAQ & Q&A

imageWow.  Simon May, Technology Evangelist for Microsoft wrote up a great FAQ around Microsoft Intune from the Jumpstart event he ran on the same topic.

Here’s a summary of the questions he answers:

  • Do we have option to have Intune in [my / the] customer[‘s] DC than on Cloud?
  • Can Intune integrate with SCCM?
  • What is the unique feature that Intune has to coexist with SCCM for an organization that already have SCCM 2012?
  • Does Intune have capability of Digital Rights Management or Which DRM solution it can integrate with?
  • Intune can work through Azure but is it possible to have a ADFS, ADFS Proxy and [Microsoft] Federated Identity manager?
  • Is it possible to clarify on what is happening in the background when a mobile device is enrolled to Intune?
  • Can Intune stand-alone and Intune/SCCM live together side by side?
  • Can I migrate from Standard to Hybrid?
  • Can I migrate from Standard to Hybrid?
  • Can we use office 365 MDM and Intune on the same tenant
  • Is Conditional Access for Exchange on-premises with SCCM/Intune is already available?
  • Do we need the exchange connector for conditional access to Exchange on-premises?
  • Is Apple iPad supported by Intune standalone?
  • If you sync your on “on-prem” accounts with Intune and you already had some existing Office 365 user accounts that are cloud-only. Will this create an issue?
  • What can I do, when a phone is lost with corp data, and phone does not have an internet and mobile connection?
  • Does the Intune client include Endpoint protection, or is that only with SCCM?
  • Can I manage all or at least most aspects of Intune through SCCM or are some management features split between SCCM and the Intune portal?
  • Is Conditional Access available in O365 MDM?
  • If I do a change in the policy is that pushed out our does the users need to reenroll the devices. For example if I decides to change the demand of password?
  • With the emphasis on BYOD and mobile devices, should we anticipate treating desktops as just another flavor of a BYOD scenario?
  • If I add a setting that only works on iOS and Windows Phone, what will happen if an Android user tried to enroll?
  • Where can we find a manageable list of the Windows CSPs? Not an exhaustive List!

Find the answers here:


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