Posted by: kurtsh | April 30, 2015

BETA: Office 2016 Data Loss Prevention

As announced on the Office blog, you can now get access to the public preview (NEW Phase 2) for Data Loss Prevention in Office 2016.


Last year we made some early DLP capabilities from Phase 1 available allowing you to find sensitive information in SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business. These helped you identify high-risk items and allowed you to take manual actions on that sensitive content. But with the Phase 2 public preview, you can now create proactive policies to remediate violations and empower your users with policy tips and notification emails so they can take the right decision while working with sensitive data, just like you do today with DLP in Exchange.

Available in Phase 2 public preview

  • Create automated policies with any of the
    built-in sensitive information types
  • Detect external sharing and apply appropriate actions
  • Scope the policies to specific locations or sites
  • Scanning for document properties (metadata)
  • Block or restrict access to the sensitive content
    Detect content scanning errors
  • Customizable Policy tips and user notifications via policy tip and email
  • Admin facing Incident reports and reporting

Coming in Phase 3

  • Exceptions for locations and conditions
  • Ability to encrypt content as an action
  • Support for custom classifications and document fingerprinting
  • Shared by/by member of conditions
  • Richer content types and more enforcement endpoints

Visit the Office 2016 Preview Program on Microsoft Connect and apply for the preview today!


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