Posted by: kurtsh | April 27, 2015

VIDEO: Introducing Groups for Office 365

This is not new however I realized that I don’t actually have a post on this potentially very valuable feature within Office 365:  “Groups”

Introducing Groups for Office 365


Accessible through, Groups for Office 365 give end users the ability to join/create groups that are applicable to services across Office 365.  Think of a grouping of users called “Workers on Project X” that can be:

  • Message everyone in the group (like an Exchange Email Distribution List)
  • Given permissions to a file folder using SharePoint Online (like a SharePoint Membership Group)
  • View a single discussion’s threaded email history online to allow new members to get caught up (like a Yammer Group) and even interact with the discussion via your own personal inbox
  • Share a schedule/calendar across the group (via SharePoint Calendars)


Office 365 Groups is accessible in the Outlook folder window online at

imageThat’s what Groups is designed to do:  Solve the problem have having different grouping types across the entire Office 365 service.  These services were created with their own grouping systems but Office 365 Groups are designed to bring all of those together.

Read more about Office 365 Groups here:


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