Posted by: kurtsh | April 15, 2015

INFO: Feedback on more color schemes & configurability in Office 2016 UI

A customer of mine commented recently on the lack of color schemes or configuration available in Office 2013, saying that, “It was depressing.”

I hadn’t heard that angle before.  It’s true that Office 2013 lacks the ability to change the color of the Office application UI from anything beyond White, Light Grey, and Dark Grey.  Most of the time the complaint about this is that the bright white or even the greys were too bright on the user’s eyes – especially for folks that are light sensitive.

clip_image002The good news is that Office 2016 appears to at least promise more color variation (see snapshot to the right of Office 2016 for Windows) however to what degree this is configurable, I can’t say. 

So for for all you peeps that would like more color schemes & configurability in Office 2016, you may want to upvote up this feedback to the Office team & specifically comment on why you would like to see this change made… before Office 2016 ships later this year:


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