Posted by: kurtsh | April 6, 2015

HOWTO: Make your Surface Pro 3 more “lapable” with the Incipio Roosevelt Folio case

imageIf you’re looking for something that will make the Surface Pro 3 "lapable" I’ve found the “Roosevelt Case” but Incipio to be a perfect solution.

It’s a $39 case that attaches to the SP3 & protects it from drops, while also providing a firm surface for both the kickstand & the keyboard to rest on. The result is a SP3 that sits on your lap while sitting in a imagechair, or on your legs while sitting upright in bed.

Most of the folks I’ve shown it to agree that it provides the lapability that they want… however a common complaint is that you have to remove the device & keyboard from the case to dock the unit. (It’s a little difficult to explain but basically the Surface can be easily detached by simply pulling it off the keyboard, however the keyboard gets firmly locked into the case) 

imageMy solution to that was to simply use a wireless Bluetooth keyboard when the tablet is docked… or purchase a second Type Cover 3 from eBay and leave it at the base of the dock to be used only when the Surface has been removed from the Incipio case and placed in the dock. Spare Type Cover 3 keyboards are selling for as little as $65.


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