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TRAINING: Managing Your Systems on Microsoft Azure with Chef (5 hrs)

imageGetting started with Chef & Azure?  This month, we’ve produced a 5 hour training course on using Chef to manage the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Configuring for the cloud? You know that automation and predictability are key. Microsoft Azure has been partnering with Chef to allow you to define how your systems should be configured.

In this course, experts Steve Murawski and Damien Caro guide you around Chef and explore its building blocks, how to use it, and how it works with Microsoft Azure. See several practical demonstrations to learn how to use Chef to configure your virtual machines (VMs) and your infrastructure in Azure.

  1. Getting Started with Chef (28min)
    Meet your hosts! Steven Murawski from Chef and Damien Caro from Microsoft are IT Professionals who are passionate about scripting and cloud technologies.
  2. Overview of Chef (1hr 17min)
    Explore the benefits of automation and why it becomes a necessity in the new IT world. Learn what infrastructure as code is, and look at the architecture of the Chef platform and the vocabulary used in Chef recipes.
  3. Using Chef (1hr 3min)
    Find out what you need to start using Chef, including required resources and software. Learn how to create files and apply configurations to a system, including Windows and Linux technologies and the differences that should be taken in account.
  4. Building Policies with Chef (52min)
    Go a step further, and build policies to enforce a defined configuration. Get a detailed look at the concepts of recipes and cookbooks, learn to separate the data from the policies, and create and apply a cookbook.
  5. Managing Azure Infrastructure (50min)
    Microsoft and Chef have worked together to integrate the Chef Agent on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). Learn the tools used to automate the creation of Azure Virtual Machines, plus how to leverage the collaboration between Azure and Chef to apply a recipe or role on a VM at deployment time.
  6. Recommended Resources & Next Steps (15min)
    ​Take this opportunity to dive deeper into Microsoft Azure and Chef, at your own pace.


  • Steven Murawski -  Chef Community Software Development Engineer
  • Damien Caro – Microsoft Technical Evangelist

To take the video training, visit the link below:


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