Posted by: kurtsh | March 2, 2015

INFO: Automation on Microsoft Azure using Chef

clip_image001Last week, Microsoft & Chef announced a strategic partnership to automate their cloud workloads and move them into the Azure cloud:

Coming this Month:
In case you’re interested in managing Linux & Windows instances within Azure, both Chef & Microsoft are running doing a seminar March 19th on automation using Chef & Azure:

  • OpenSource Automation on Azure using Chef
    More and More Windows Administrators are being called upon to extend themselves into the world of managing Linux based systems. This talk will focus on how Chef, a popular open source framework, can make managing Linux workloads on Azure easy. We’ll also touch on how to manage Windows workloads with Chef. We will cover the basic paradigms of Chef, launching Linux instances and deploying applications to Linux instances.

Microsoft & Azure @ Chef Conf 2015 (March 31-April 2 –
Microsoft is sending Distinguished Engineer, Jeffrey Snover, to Chef Conf 2015 – one of our highest ranking engineers. Also in attendance will be Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Jessica DeVita, and Technical Evangelist Manager, Damien Caro. The following sessions will be delivered on Azure & Chef:

Previous Chef & Azure Video Broadcasts:


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