Posted by: kurtsh | February 11, 2015

WHITEPAPER: Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014-2017 (Microsoft OnWindows publication)


Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014-2017 provides insight into the Microsoft and partner technologies that are being developed for communications and media companies to drive positive change and address new trends.

Topics around mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things are covered in the technology roadmap and regional perspective sections of the guide.

A comprehensive directory section also provides business information about some of the innovative technology suppliers in the industry, helping you to make positive technology decisions for your own company.

Here’s a glimpse at the contents:

  • Page 14: Technology Roadmap: “Devices & Studios”
  • Page 18-: Regional Perspectives, “The continuing rise of digital”
        • Page 20: North America
        • Page 22: Europe, Middle East, Africa
        • Page 24: Asia-Pacific
        • Page 26: Latin America
  • imagePage 77: ESPN
    ”Sports media group ESPN joins the Windows 8 platform with the help of NV Interactive”

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