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INFO: “MSDN Platforms” subscription – the IT Pro alternative to TechNet Plus (for Volume Licensed customers)

I forgot to mention a really epic benefit of MSDN Platforms subscription.  Once you’ve got access to all this software… where are you going to install and test it?

Turns out that that the “MSDN Platforms” subscription also provides the subscriber with a whopping $100/month credit to use Microsoft Azure.  This allows you to not only stand up server VMs in Microsoft’s cloud, you can also install any server product you require on them through your MSDN Platforms sub.

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As a tech, I realize that for many like myself, TechNet was an invaluable resource for having the flexibility to use in a lab – including for the purposes of security testing.  The alternative, MSDN subscriptions, has often been too expensive for the traditional Technet subscriber, in that the subscription editions that included “comparable” evaluation/testing software were simply too expensive.  (
)   For example:  The lowest edition with Operating Systems, Server products, etc. is Visual Studio Premium, priced at a $6,100 MSRP.

One solution may be a “MSDN Platforms subscription”. ( We released a subscription a little more than a year ago, called MSDN Platforms – exclusively for Volume License customers –  that you may wish to look at as it contains most of the operating systems & server products that were in TechNet, including:

  • Windows
  • SQL Server
  • Dynamics
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Other server products:
        • Lync Server
        • System Center &
          Windows Embedded Device Mgr
        • Windows Server
        • Multipoint Server
        • Project Server
        • BizTalk Server
        • Forefront products (incl Identity Mgr)
        • …and more.

It does not however contain Office, nor does it include Visual Studio development tools itself. (

Generally, I believe it costs roughly ~$1000/year which puts it in the ballpark of the higher end TechNet Plus subscriptions which was ~$700/year.  You will notice in the snapshot below however that as I mentioned before, we do not allow general consumers to purchase the MSDN Platforms subscription:  It is purchasable only by Volume Licensing customers, and thus requires a volume licensing agreement & a volume license reseller to enroll an organization.


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For more information on this option, read the following links:

(Note: Volume licensing is only for individuals that commit to purchasing Microsoft-licensed products in quantity. For more information on how volume licensing works, click here.  Click here to see what volume licensing program your organization may qualify for.  Click here to find a volume license reseller.)


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